NewsThe Ethiopian Media Council released a survey on media ethics in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Media Council released a survey on media ethics in Ethiopia.

The council has released today a survey it conducted for two months on the topic of media ethics in Ethiopia.

As the Chairman of the Ethiopian Media Council Amare Aregawi said at the time; Media freedom is not a negotiable agenda, but it is important to build an ethical media.

Mr. Amare said that false and hateful speech is being spread on the basis of religion and ethnicity.

According to Mr. Amare; One of the issues in which the country’s peace is in question is the lack of media ethics.

The study showed that most media ethics are not being implemented in Ethiopia.

Lack of adequate training, the majority of employees not being journalists, the interference of various parties, the lack of awareness of the community towards the media, non-cooperation of institutions established in the media sector, and the violation of media ethics have been confirmed in the study.

It has been stated that strengthening the editorial platform, working together, ensuring media freedom, strengthening annual forums, holding annual workshops, etc. will help to reduce violations of media ethics.

Seven institutions established in the media sector participated in the survey. The study was reviewed by an independent body, Misrak Tarekegn.


The institutions that participated in the survey included the Ethiopian Media Council, Addis Ababa University journalism and communication, the Ethiopian Media Authority, the Ethiopian Media Women’s Association, Mersa Media Institute; Editors Guild of Ethiopia and IMS made a report on the study.


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