NewsThe Ethiopian Media Council held a discussion with the Ambassador of Bangladesh

The Ethiopian Media Council held a discussion with the Ambassador of Bangladesh

His Excellency, Mr. Mid Nazurl Islam, the Bangladeshi ambassador to Ethiopia, held a discussion with the senior leaders of the Ethiopian Media Council at the Council’s office.
The Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ethiopia, Mr. Mid Nazurl, said during his visit to the council’s office, mentioning that Ethiopia and Bangladesh are countries with historical ties, Bangladesh is interested in cooperating with Ethiopian media institutions in the field of media.
The ambassador mentioned that there are many public and private mass media in Baghdad and there is a media council where journalists can meet to improve their careers and they are interested in working together in the field of capacity building and training.
EMC with Bangladseh Ambassador
EMC with Bangladseh Ambassador
 Chairperson of the General Assembly of the Ethiopian Media Council, Ms. Tigist Yilma, said that Bangladesh is planning to work together in the media sector, as it participates in various investment fields in Ethiopia, which will further enhance the relationship between the two countries.
The Executive Chairman of the Ethiopian Media Council, Mr. Amare Aregawi, thanked the ambassador for coming to visit the council’s office and said that Bangladesh’s long-standing relationship with Ethiopia can be further developed in the discussion with the council, and that there is a need to be closer.
Tamrat Hailu, the executive vice-chairman of the council, who explained the council’s activities in the past years, explained that the council has given several trainings in Addis Ababa and  the regions to build the capacity of journalists and has traveled to various African countries to exchange experiences. He added that the arbitration body, which is the main function of the council, has been organized and started to work and the complaints have also started to be accepted.
Ambassador Mid said that there is a plan to increase the exchange of experience between the two countries by establishing relations with journalists in the fields of sports and tourism in order to strengthen their relationship with the media council.


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