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The Ethiopian Media Council has developed a code of conduct for the arbitral tribunal

August 15, 2021 (Addis Ababa) The Ethiopian Media Council has developed a manual for the media to be governed by an independent ombudsman and arbitrator.

In his opening remarks at the discussion forum in Grove Garden, Amare Aregawi, Chairman of the Ethiopian Media Council, said the regulation is being drafted by an ombudsman and arbitrator.

He further said that the forum is ready to discuss with the experts who prepared the manual on the issues that should be added or reduced during the discussion.      The regulation generally focuses on appeals, debates, decisions, and appeals to the arbitral tribunal.

In addition, the ethics of the arbitral tribunal, the powers and duties of the ombudsman, the powers and duties of the appellate court, the evidence to be attached to the complaint, the investigation and decision-making of the complaint, the issues directly involved in the appeals tribunal and the termination of the proceedings were discussed.

Members of the ombudsman and arbitrators raised questions about the legal explanations and comments, and Philipos Aynalem, chairman of the arbitration tribunal and president of the Ethiopian Bar Association, said it would be good if the title was kept short and clear.

Dr. Neguse Tefera, ombudsman of the arbitral tribunal, on his part said the preparation of the rule will enable the arbitral tribunal to function.

During the discussion, the experts provided explanations and questions from members of the arbitration body, and it was finally agreed that they should be included in the document and submitted to the General Assembly of the Ethiopian Media Council.



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