NewsThe council held a discussion with journalists and media leaders in Tigray...

The council held a discussion with journalists and media leaders in Tigray region to provide training

The Ethiopian Media Council has been providing various types of training for journalists and media leaders across the country. Based on this, a delegation led by the Deputy Chairman of the Council’s Executive Committee, Mr. Tamerat Hailu, recently visited Mekele and held a discussion. Tigray Media Agency, Tigray Television, Tigray Broadcasting Service and other self-employed YouTubers attended the discussion program held at Planet Hotel.

At the forum, Mr. Tamerat, who explained the purpose and organization of the Ethiopian Media Council, said that the council, which consists of more than 80 members, is working on capacity building alongside the implementation of the mutual control system recognized by the Ethiopia Media law.

It was expressed by the participants that it is commendable that the leaders of the council came to Mekele to talk to the leaders about the possibility of providing training to public and private journalists and media leaders in the region, and the journalists of the region have not received any training due to the existing problem in the last four years. They requested that it be prepared consistently for all media professionals.

Finally, Mr. Tamerat would like to express his gratitude for the hospitality given to us during their stay in the region, especially the general manager of Tigray media, journalist Teshale Bekele.


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