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Press release “Journalists must be brought to self-regulatory body before they can be prosecuted for their work.”

Press release from the Ethiopian Media Council

“Journalists must be brought to self-regulatory body before they can be prosecuted for their work.”

(June 2, 2022; Addis Ababa) The Ethiopian Media Council (EMC) is a non-profit organization, working to builds an ethical and responsible media institution, it has a member of more than 60 public and private media outlets as well as professional associations of journalists.

The Ethiopian Media Council is closely monitoring the Ethiopian government’s recent arrests of 18 journalists working for various media outlets.

The council is concerned that some of the journalists arrested by the government have appeared in court and some of them are not being held in accordance with the law.

The recently enacted Media Proclamation and penal code of Ethiopia prohibits journalists from being arrested prior to court proceedings in connection with their work. We believe that any alleged violations of the rules and practices of journalism should be addressed in the media policy and in the self-regulatory framework recognized by the Proclamation and the media policy, but we believe that detaining journalists during interrogations violates the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

Arrested journalists in violation of the law. We urge the journalists to be released if they have been detained for several days during pre-trial detention, to hide their addresses, and to be held in informal prisons in violation of the media law.

Ethiopian Media Council on this occasion, it has received complaints from the government, individuals and institutions about news, programs and advertisements and has started implementing a system of decision-making by the arbitral tribunal set up by various sections of the society.

The Council recognizes that the media and journalists have been facing a number of challenges in their institutions over the past few years, from the Covid 19 epidemic to its survival campaign and law enforcement.

Therefore, we would like to point out that the Ethiopian Media Council is working with stakeholders to resolve the issue.

Ethiopian Media Council

Executive Committee




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