NewsEthiopian Media Council stresses digital media ethics implementation

Ethiopian Media Council stresses digital media ethics implementation

ADDIS ABABA-(EPA)The Ethiopian Media Council urged the digital media practitioners to be governed with the media ethics and implement their tasks responsibly.

The 31st World Press Freedom Day themed: “Journalism under the Digital Siege” was observed yesterday with a panel discussion.

Ethiopian Media Council Chairperson Amare Aregawi said that currently some digital media are overtly violating the media ethics through disseminating fake information that incite ethnic and religious conflicts in the country.

Thus, proper attention should be given to the digital media to implement their tasks based on the media ethics, he underscored.

As to him, hate speech, misinformation, and sensationalism have become the new identifications of some irresponsible digital media.

“Having wide consultations among the media practitioners, government body, and pertinent stakeholders is fundamental to cultivate genuine and responsible digital and mainstream media. Therefore, more tasks are left ahead to create a responsible digital media that works to ensure national peace and stability”, he said.

For his part, Ethiopian Media Authority Deputy Director General Gizaw Tesfaye said that the Ethiopian government is working to strengthen responsible digital media and address the growing diversified information demand among the general public.

The growing of irresponsible digital media practitioners is affecting the media sector credibility, he said.

Addis Ababa University Journalism and Communication Lecturer Teshager Shiferaw (PhD) said that media institutions are required to fulfil their social responsibilities and prove that they are obedience to and governed with the media ethics.


  1. Ethiopia need to work more and more on media or digital media. This is because the media which has strong influence over the new generation have to be governed much more, other wise there will be disaster after hate speech, misinformation and irresponsible digital media. So, I personally appreciate the launching efforts and actions that the media council endeavors.
    Finally, if possible would you please attach your (Ethiopian Media Council) E-mail Address? under here?


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