NewsEMC underpinning media‘s role to curb env’t crisis

EMC underpinning media‘s role to curb env’t crisis

During the World Press Freedom Day which was hosted by the EMC along with the Embassy of France in Ethiopia under the theme: ‘Journalism in the face of Environmental crisis’, Tigist Yilma, EMC’s Chairperson of General Council stated the above statement.

Environmental and ecosystem crisis globally is putting enormous pressure on billions of people around the globe. Ethiopia is amongst the countries that are being affected by the crisis. To this end, the nation has undertaken several environmental protection projects over the past five years, she stressed.

The ongoing planting of seedlings and the soil and water conservation activities best showcase how the environmental issues has been given due emphasis.

In this regard, the immense role that the media professionals and institutions have played is worth mentioning. Still, they are expected to deeply understand the impact of crisis of the ecosystem and deliver adequate rights information for the society.

“While the role of media professionals is not limited to creating awareness but to strengthen the societal changes, improve regulations, discuss on wrong environmental perceptions. It is vital to allow media personnel to perform their duty freely and independently.”

“I am confident in the profession of journalism but it is important to note that freedom comes with responsibility,” said Rémi Maréchaux, the French Ambassador to Ethiopia on his part.

Expressing his delight to be partnered with EMC to host the World Press Freedom day, he also noted that the embassy of France has been engaging with different media institutions and carried out several activities including providing trainings on different areas.

Rita Bisonawz (PhD), UNESCO’s Director in Ethiopia, highlighted a study that UNESCO published recently which showcased that 70% of environmental reporters have been victims of attacks, threats and oppression because of their work.

The report also revealed that 44 environmental journalists around the world have been killed in the last 15 years.

“World press freedom day is a call to action to protect journalism, free and pluralistic information. It is also a call to make the major social networks accountable so that they and step up their motivation, regulation measures to counter disinformation,” she underscored.

The day would also be instrumental to equip citizens with critical thinking skills as well as confront disinformation, to protect media professionals’ and new generation, as to her.

She further highlighted that UNESCO will launch an initiative that is especially dedicated to environment, to protect environmental journalists.

Representative of Director General of Ethiopian Environment Protection Authority, said the role of media professionals on the green legacy initiative that has been implemented in the nation is worth mentioning.

The nation has been facing environmental crisis such as drought, flooding and other that caused socioeconomic problems. Thus, journalists are expected to play major role in sensitizing and alerting the society.

The World Press Freedom Day which was being marked for the 31st day globally, centered on the major role of journalists in tackling the global pressing challenge of environment.




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