NewsEMC calls for holistic efforts to vibrant media landscape

EMC calls for holistic efforts to vibrant media landscape

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Media Council (EMC) has called on the government and concerned institutions to create a vibrant media landscape and promote professionalism.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Council Executive Committee Vice Chairperson Tamirat Hailu said that cooperation among media members and enhancing the capacities of journalists are the major contributing factors to creating free and vibrant media outlets.

“The council along with the journalist’s professional association has managed to scale up its members to 82 media outlets,” he said.

As to him, the council has been regularly offering reporting training that is believed to support journalists in various fields such as conflict resolution reporting, conflict-sensitive reporting, and peace journalism to bridge the loopholes that are witnessed about security-related problems.

Moreover, he elucidated that they are undertaking unreserved commitments to establish monitoring units that verify and document news and other articles. Also, it has applied digital media code of ethics to follow up reporting and the way they are shared.

Tamirat also said that they are in progress of signing a MoU with the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission to support and follow up on the community’s views, and speech to help ensure trust and mutual benefit. And, it has planned to offer training to over 1,900 journalists drawn from across the country in the year to come.

Mentioning the agreement reached with the Ethiopian Media Authority (EMA), Tamirat emphasized that the council is also readying to join the East African Media Council membership which would be viable to facilitate information exchange and sustaining press freedom.

“Soaring prices of printing products, financial and security problems are the dragging factor for the development of competent and qualified media,” he noted.

EMA Deputy Director General Gizaw Tesfaye on his part stated that organized media houses contribute a lot to the nation’s image-building as well as holistic economic development.

As to Gizaw, the council is also striving to ensure fair competition in the sector, promote media utilization culture, and provide technical support and In this digital era, it is highly crucial to unite forces to help promote the role of the council towards tackling fake reporting and sustain a reliable media landscape.

They called on the government and other stakeholders to join forces to protect and promote the freedom and independence of the media.


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