NewsEMC announced the Code of Conduct for Internet Journalism

EMC announced the Code of Conduct for Internet Journalism

For the first time, the Ethiopian Media Council prepared a code of conduct to guide internet journalism and held a discussion forum with stakeholders.
 On March 15, 2023, at the consultation forum held at Mado Hotel, the Executive Chairman of the Ethiopian Media Council, Amare Aregawi, said that the regulation, which was prepared with the support of International Media Support, will allow journalists working on the internet media, which has become an alternative method of information dissemination in recent years. He said that the mass media will help professionals to respect the ethics of the profession and disseminate information to the public.
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Mr. Amare said that it is not possible to say that all internet journalists are spreading false information and divisive messages, but a significant number of internet journalists are eroding the value of coexistence by spreading information contrary to the code of conduct, and he said that the issue of the code will make the profession more credible.
The Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Media Authority, Gezaw Tesfaye, said that according to the new media decree, internet journalists can be registered and act according to the law.
The Deputy Chairman of the Council’s Executive Committee, Mr. Tamrat Hailu, explained the main points of the Internet Journalism Code of Conduct prepared by the Council. programs, photos and motion pictures, comments, Or notice that advertisements must comply with the country’s constitution, the media decree, the decree issued to prevent and control hate speech and false information, the advertisement decree, the professional code of conduct, laws issued for the protection of copyright and related rights, international agreements and protocols accepted by Ethiopia, and other laws of the country, He explained.
Ato Tamerat and Ato Mesret

Finally, the member of the executive committee of the council Mr. Mesert Atalay gave an explanation about the organization and operation of the council and there was a wide discussion about the code of conduct and the organization of the council.


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