NewsThe council elected new leaders its annual general meeting

The council elected new leaders its annual general meeting

EMC addresses challenges and priorities at annual general meeting,

The Ethiopian Media Council (EMC) convened its annual general meeting at Elilly Hotel on Thursday, March 27, to deliberate on critical issues facing the media landscape in the country. Amidst concerns regarding security and budget constraints, council members underscored the need for enhanced measures to protect journalists and bolster the council’s operational capacity.

Highlighting the challenges impeding the council’s ability to fulfill its objectives, members emphasized the imperative of addressing security concerns and securing adequate funding. Despite facing obstacles, the council remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing press freedom and promoting professional journalism within legal frameworks.

Established in 2016 and officially registered in 2019, the Ethiopian Media Council serves as the umbrella organization for media entities, community media, and journalists across Ethiopia. With a mission to foster democracy, prosperity, social stability, and the rule of law, the council plays a vital role in safeguarding human rights and fundamental freedoms in the country.

Council members, comprising publishers, broadcasters, and media associations, reiterated their dedication to supporting journalists’ capacity building and upholding professional standards. Central to their agenda is the promotion of press freedom and the protection of media outlets from unlawful government interference.

In addition to advocating for journalists’ rights and safety, the council aims to combat illegal practices that undermine press freedom and impede the media’s role as a watchdog in society. By fostering collaboration among media organizations and advocating for regulatory reforms, the council seeks to create an environment conducive to transparent and accountable journalism.

As Ethiopia navigates complex challenges in its media landscape, EMC remains committed to championing the principles of democracy, transparency, and freedom of expression. With concerted efforts and strategic initiatives, the council aims to overcome obstacles and realize its vision of a vibrant and independent media sector that serves the interests of the Ethiopian people.

Accordingly, leaders of the Oromia Journalists’ Association and the Ethiopian Community Media Association were elected as deputy chairperson and secretary of the council’s general assembly.

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