Who We Are?

The Ethiopian Media Council is the umbrella organization for media organizations, community media and journalists in Ethiopia. It was created in 2016 and officially registered in 2019 with the aim of encouraging media to build democracy, prosperity, social stability and the rule of law, and safeguarding human rights and fundamental freedom in Ethiopia. The Council members include publishers, broadcasters as well as media associations. Apart from supporting journalists’ capacity building to promote professional journalism which is up to the standard and within the legal boundaries, the Council wishes to promote press freedom by fighting the illegal and improper government hands laid on the press.

The Ethiopia media Council is a voluntary, self-regulatory body for the media industry in Ethiopia. Its goal is to promote ethical practices within the media industry and to serve as a forum for complaints from and/or against government, public and its members. The Council represents the public and the media in matters concerning freedom of speech and freedom of the media, but also matters concerning fairness of coverage, relevance, balance and accuracy.

The Council is comprised of 52 members of media houses and journalist association, and has an executive committee. The Ethiopia Media Council is a non-profit organization which receives no government funding or grants for its operations. The council has 20 independent compliant commission members selected from the public and media organizations supporting the Council.

The council has three structure; the General assembly, Executive committee and judiciary body (the Press Ombudsman and Compliant Commission). The Press Ombudsman and Compliant Commission is established under the council with a member of 16 volunteers from different stakeholders including; House of Peoples Representative, government executive body, religious organization, lawyer association, civic organization, Journalist association, journalism training institutes, prominent personalities, teachers’ associations, Chamber of Commerce and media houses.

Structure of EMC